The Vision

KirayePay is a peer-to-peer marketplace, emphasized on changing the stereotype ways of product consumption in India. Our vision is to provide an alternative method for utilizing goods while paying only a fraction of the amount. KirayePay is an endeavor to change Indian mindset about lending and borrowing less-used or spare products

Being an open platform, our focus is on providing free and smooth rental services to businesses as well as domestic customers. We are continuously refining our platform to make the consumption of services and rentable items easy and hassle-free for our customers.

The Mission

KirayePay aims at becoming the leading Indian peer-to-peer lending portal and changing the Indian's century-old mentality. Creating possibilities for more users and reducing the problems of our existing customers are some major aspects of KirayePay's mission

Our free services and ease-to-use website bridges the gap and brings the borrowers and lenders together, forming a trusted community in your localities.

The Concept of Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer business model is the method of lending and borrowing belongings or services, in exchange for money. The rental services are provided by the people to the people. Consumers and lenders may belong to different social communities like businessmen, students, professionals, domestic buyers and more due to the wideness of concept's applications

To simplify this description - KirayePay is an online community, formed to let you rent or borrow items/services to the native users for a specific period of time.


KirayePay is just a way to connect the lenders and borrowers. The transactions and deals happening between the two parties are on mutual understanding of both. We do not guarantee the payments for the products with are lost or not returned.