What is KirayePay?

KirayePay is an Indian marketplace which runs on a completely new concept for connecting the people who want to list their occasionally used products for rent or those who want to take product on rent instead of buying them. Focusing on making products and services available at lesser prices without any hassles, we promote the idea of collaborative consumption.

Does KirayePay own the products and services shown on site?

Not exactly, KirayePay does not own all of the products displayed on the site. The products and services are mostly owned by the other individuals and merchants.

Does KirayePay collect or deliver the service or product?

No, KirayePay only gives a platform for the renters and owners to meet.

How can an individual contact the owner they are interested in renting from?

The owner provides their information when they upload the details of the product. These details include the phone number of the owner and the details of the locality of the owner. In order to contact the owner the renter must be a registered user.

How to register on KirayePay?

To register you can either login using your facebook or Google account or you can fill a simple registration form.

Is it mandatory to register?

Yes, it is mandatory to register.

Is it mandatory to register if I have to rent things?

Yes, it is mandatory for a renter too to register on KirayePay.

What can I get on KirayePay?

Major categories in which KirayePay can serve your rental needs the best are musical instruments, clothing, electronics, automobiles, fashion accessories, fitness equipment, furniture, jewelry and real estate.

How to post an ad on KirayePay?

You can see the “post free ad”option on the upper right side of your screen. Only the registered users can post ads.

How to post a requirement?

You can see the “post requirement” option on the upper right side of your screen. Only registered users can post requirements.

Why do I have to give my location and phone number?

It helps in making it easier for both the parties to understand where the other party is from and through phone number it is easier to contact each other.

Can someone else pick up the product on my behalf?

It is suggested to collect and return the product on your own to ensure the safety of the product.

What is the guarantee of the safety of my product?

Owners can fix an amount as security deposit, which serve as a guarantee. KirayePay is not responsible for any damage to your product. Setting a security is not mandatory, instead the owner is suggested to ask for original documents like identity proofs, drivers license etc. KirayePay will not responsible for any damage to your product.

Why does the renter have to pay security deposit?

Renter needs to pay security if the owner has mentioned it as it is on the owner's terms.

For how long can I rent a product?

For as long as the owner and renter decide among themselves. KirayePay gives an option of daily renting, weekly renting, monthly renting and seasonal renting.

Do I have to submit any document during registration?

For registration you don't have to submit any document.

Can I trust KirayePay with my contact details?

KirayePay ensures your privacy until you decide to share them with the public. We don't leak any data, all data is safe with us.

I do not have a registered business; can I still post products and services on rent?

Yes, anybody with a product that they don't or occasionally use can post ads on KirayePay.

Will I be charged extra if I kept the product longer than decided?

Yes, you will be charged as per the amount charged by the owner.

What modes of payment do you allow?

The mode of payment is decided amongst the owner and the renter. KirayePay plays no role in the payment level of the exchange.

Can the owner post multiple ads?

Yes, an owner can post multiple ads.

How long will my ads/ requirements stay live?

Your ads/ requirements will stay live for as long as the owner or the renter wants.

How can I edit/remove my ad?

After you login, go to “my dashboard” where you can see all your product listings. There you can edit or remove your advertisement.

Can I purchase the products on rent?

Purchasing a product on rent depends on the terms and conditions of the owner. The price in such cases might change.

What if I damage the product?

Such situations will be dealt with by the owner of the product. KirayePay gives no guarantee for the same.

What if I don't like the product at the time of delivery?

In such situations you are bound with the terms and conditions of the owner. You will have to ask the owner to replace the product or you can contact another owner.

How to reset my password?

On the login page, you will see “trouble logging in”. On clicking on it a new window asking for your email will open up. Enter your email address so we can send a recovery email. Click on the link give in the recovery email and you will get an option to change your password.

How can I change my contact details?

After logging in, go to “my profile” and edit your details.